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Imagine: small customers making a big difference, to a very great number of things Updated: 29th April 2011

CustomersUnited is a brand new online forum and digital-age journal for customers to influence change. CU ("see you") is about what we the customers, need of the corporates we do business with: on finance, service, trust, integrity, food, kids, waste, planet earth... If you decide to register with us, we ask you about
your need for this idea, this fresh approach to manage change. But before any decision to join CU, (it's free, takes a few minutes) please read about us in these few pages. As with any journal, reading figures highly in CU site pages and here in About Us we set out the details of our principles, aims, and what we do for customers, corporate business, & government. CU has taken many years to arrive and faced the usual UK adversities in a new idea. We now look forward to the challenge of establishing CU as a better way for ordinary people to influence change. If you feel it is time for customers to improve the world, read on, understand us, and come to an informed decision about making a real difference with a little effort with CU.
Imagine people are listened to,
Isn't it hard to do.
Fewer complaints and hassle,
And no bank crisis too.

Borrowing from John Lennon's "Imagine" could be fun for many modern ills but runs the risk of losing the real point we have arrived to make: customers should imagine regaining influence, importance and the value we once had, when our need for a fair deal and our trust was more often honoured by business, services and politicians, and the machinery of the state.

Imagine influencing your bank to treat every account not as a number but as the customer, who needs to be treated fairly; and needs the many lessons in the crisis to be learned for history not to be repeated.
Imagine influencing politicians to open the doors of government, regulators, services so that ordinary people can influence great change in those things that are no longer working (tube strikes, some banks...); and little change for those that still are (keep libraries...)

Imagine the unimaginable ideas founded on the digital-age that have taken-off, propelled by ordinary people: Twitter, Facebook, Email, mobiles, the internet! Now imagine ordinary people using this digital age to channel their influence in an independent forum dedicated to cause change for the good of the customer, their family, and the greater good of society - you've imagined: CustomersUnited.
“Our remedies oft in
 ourselves do lie...”
    Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well.
CU gathering the Influence of customers in many forms and across all sectors, brings it to business, regulator and government:

Imagine as a corporate bank seeing the pattern of performance being experienced by your customers, and you course-correcting to improve as well as keep your brand promise.

as the new FSA seeing a summary feed of that same pattern but across all banks in all regions: to better monitor, better regulate, and take pre-emptive action against any behaviour that is detrimental to the customer of the sector, long before it becomes a damaging problem.

Imagine as a government department seeing a national feed of that same pattern but across the entire sector and multiple sectors: to better manage in your term in office, for all business
sectors, all services, and for the customer of democracy.

Customers are aware of their growing list of unheeded concerns and that the very excessiveness of their list, is itself at the heart of the problem: how can small customers make a big difference to so great a number of things?

Corporate leaders are also aware that this generation’s incredible progress - to all our benefit - also brings in its wake a range of recurring problems for customers.

CustomersUnited with brand new thinking to replace the old thinking that got us all here, is aware that the problem of ordinary people influencing change in society, must be approached in multiple ways. Accordingly, we have designed-in at the heart of CU, multiple ways that are all focused on the single purpose of influencing change:
(see panel on the left for details of these)
These times of difficulty also contain the opportunity for ordinary people to try and change things for the better, and leave a better legacy to our children and the generations to come. The opportunity comes from the digital-age offering ordinary people - customers of everything - to be enabled by it.

We believe the opportunity is for Customers who in the common purpose of improving many things in society, can be United through using digital age technologies, and so for the first time in history, be freely and openly enabled and empowered with technology that can and must be utiised to influence change for the greater good of society.

CustomersUnited has seized this digital age opportunity and taken the first step. We look forward to customers, your favourite brands, and government joining CU and taking the next step - a giant leap for society - together.

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